An executive healthcare consultancy offering strategic advice and bespoke tailored solutions to address what we define as Wicked Problems.
The ability to tackle wicked problems requires careful questioning, insight gathering, and collaborative working that many organisations do not have the objectivity to conduct. That’s where we step in.

Some examples of wicked problems in healthcare that we have worked on include: the growing prevalence of type 2 diabetes, late diagnosis of cancer, affordability of new medicines/technologies.

Our vision is to drive social innovation and transformation in health and social care through innovative and collaborative approaches that lead to large scale, systemic and sustainable change.

What We Do

Our primary business operations are within the UK and across Western Europe supporting pharmaceutical, devices, and diagnostics companies that make up the Lifesciences Industry.

We also work with healthcare systems, such as the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), patient organisations and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to support broader and more complex health and social care issues facing the most vulnerable communities across the globe.

We believe in going on a journey with our clients from inception to results. In order to solve your wicked problems and create the change you desire, we take the following approach applying agile project management methodology:

DEFINE the problem

Conduct a root cause analysis of the problem/challenge by evaluating the environmental context: systems, policy and process implications as well as socioeconomic and political motivations.

Our services include: policy reviews, data analysis, literature reviews, health economic evaluations, etc.

Understand the underlying issues pertaining to the problem

Gather insights from key stakeholders such as healthcare staff, patients, public, policymakers, etc. and convert this into intelligence by considering their behaviours, experiences, needs and decision-making processes applicable to the problem.

Our services include: advisory boards, focus groups, freedom of information requests, surveys and interviews, etc.

Develop Solutions to tackle the problem

Once we have a full understanding of the macro and micro environment, we will work with you to develop a clearly defined strategy and recommend necessary programmes to achieve the change that is required. Our solutions are always bespoke but built on tried and tested methodologies.

Our services include: strategic planning, horizon scanning and forecasting, market development, market access, service transformation programmes, commissioning and procurement, ‘Call to Action’ briefings, and campaigns that inform and shape health policy, etc.

Execute to deliver desired result

Our work has been published in peer-reviewed journals and showcased at medical seminars and conferences, that aim at shifting stakeholder attitudes and decision-making. In addition, we equip in-field teams with the necessary capabilities and resources to confidently engage with key stakeholders and implement programmes to make change happen.

Our services include: Training, healthcare communications (value propositions and budget impact models), business case development, payer engagement, patient advocacy and empowerment, clinical advocacy, etc.

Why Choose Us

A driving passion to make change happen

We have significant experience in market access and health economics. This includes pre- and post- launch of medicines and technologies. We understand how the NHS works and the challenges to achieving change within it. Our aim to help you navigate through this complex landscape.

A successful track record and proven experience

We pride ourselves on being an executive healthcare and creative consultancy built on the back of our highly skilled team, our quality of work and our extensive network panel. We only work with clients where we feel there is a strategic fit and that we can add exceptional value to.

Willingness to take risks and do things differently

We thrive on challenges and there is rarely one that we can’t overcome through our collective brainpower! We bring creativity, positive energy, strategic insight, and a whole load of fun to deliver results no matter how complex the task at hand is.
If you have a wicked problem that needs solving, contact us​ and put us to the test!

Meet the Team

We pride ourselves on being a boutique and creative consultancy, meaning your project will always be led by one of our company Directors, offering you strategic counsel, constructive feedback and thought through recommendations. In addition, depending on your needs you will have the support of our extended team, which includes medical writers, marketers, health economists, PR and IT specialists and our design studio.
Roshani Perera

Roshani Perera

Co-founder and Director

Lindsey Cook

Lindsey Cook

Co-founder and Director

Carole Cohen

Carole Cohen

Associate Partner

Darren Cook

Darren Cook

Digital Lead

Stefan Brazzo

Stefan Brazzo

Graphic Designer

Theo & Barkley

Theo & Barkley

Meet the Pets

We have a healthy impatience, that means we cannot sit back and wait for change to happen – We are the change drivers! So, if you have a wicked problem that needs solving contact us​ and put us to the test!

What Our Clients Say

I wanted to assess the potential of the organisation to develop and build strategic partnerships with the corporate sector but the organisation had no experience in this field. Wicked Minds conducted a series of qualitative interviews with senior executives within the healthcare sector and developed a series of strategic recommendations. Their work was outstanding. They challenged us to think differently, provided much needed insight and even opened doors to connect us with some potential prospects.

Frontline AIDS
Head of New Markets

I have worked with Wicked Minds for over 4 years and this dynamic team have always understood and delivered on complex projects. Their strength is their creativity and tenacity in getting to the key issues and blocks from an NHS perspective. Then finding ways to move forward. I regard Wicked Minds as an extension for our teams and a vital asset for our ever changing environment.

Roche Diabetes Care
Senior Marketing Manager

They have also facilitated the composition of an NHS business case that I was working on – their knowledge, skilled know-how and professionalism were second to none. Lindsey and Roshani exude infectious, positive energy and I look forward to working with them again very soon!

Barts Health NHS Trust
Senior Clinical Nurse Specialist

I have worked with Wicked Minds for the past 6 years, on numerous projects. They have delivered on brief, on time, every time. Always professional, knowledgeable and stimulating thinking to get the best outcome. It is a pleasure to work with Roshani and Lindsey, they listen, advise, strategically shape and genuinely care about the outcome in the short and long term. Would highly recommend them.

Janssen Pharmaceuticals
National Market Access Manager

I have been involved in several projects funded by pharma companies and supervised by the amazing Wicked Minds team. The projects were all patient centred prostate cancer issues and I was amazed by the professionalism of Wicked Minds in gathering together the views and opinions from a broad range of patients, carers and clinicians to build consensus and shape cancer care. The skill, talent and expertise shown by Wicked Minds make them the first company I would turn to whenever I have a project I believe in but do not have the skill set of Wicked Minds to deliver.

Founder The Red Sock Campaign
Keith Cass MBE

Working with the team at Wicked Minds is a pleasure. Why? Because they listen, they know how to interpret a client’s brief and they always deliver a quality outcome, be it research, analysis or a report. We are proud to work with them.

Tackle Prostate Cancer

CSL Behring UK has been working in partnership with Wicked Minds in supporting NHS customers to build strategic business cases to develop their patient services. In my dealings with Wicked Minds, I have been impressed by their knowledge of the NHS, commitment to delivering results and the extremely high professional standards of their working practices. I look forward to continuing this valuable working alliance into the future.

CSL Behring
Senior Product Manager

From relatively small local developments to large scale national projects, Lindsey’s timely and helpful advice and guidance has been invaluable. Her knowledge and skill in business case development has allowed me valuable time to simultaneously attend to my ‘day job’ whilst my thoughts and ideas were turned into tangible, credible and realistic development plans. A sincere thank you to Lindsey at Wicked Minds.

Cardiff and Vale University Health Board
Advanced Nurse Practitioner
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